Z Is For Zubatto Syndicate

Zubatto Syndicate

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As we round out this cycle, Steve and Doug tackle Seattle jazz act Zubatto Syndicate and discuss what it takes to get money in the digital age of music. It may just be vinyl.

Zubatto Syndicate’s Official Website
Zubatto Syndicate’s Bandcamp

Music featured this week:
Inspector Automaton (Z7) – Zubatto Syndicate
Ares And Gaea (Z29) – Zubatto Syndicate
Master Of Puppets – Zubatto Syndicate 2

And let’s not forget this cycle’s theme, “Writing On The Wall” from Adrian Belew’s Side One.

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One thought on “Z Is For Zubatto Syndicate”

  1. Fun show!

    Thanks so much for featuring us and spreading the word. We count pretty much 100% on people like you who find the music and tell others about it.

    I realize you’re done with zed and Zubatto, but I’m always happy to answer questions or talk more about my music and the band if you’re curious.

    Enjoy the vinyl!

    -andrew b

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