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G Is For The Go! Team

The Go! Team

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This episode, Steve and Doug chat about what happens when you mix Sonic Youth guitars, Charlie Brown piano, double dutch chants, and car chase sequence horns – the answer is UK’s The Go! Team! The boys also chat about the alternative music scene is 2004 / 2005, and if it’s kosher to be using all these audio clips.

The Go! Team’s Official Website

The Go! Team’s Bandcamp

The Go! Team’s Soundcloud

the go! team 4play documentary 05 from bob jaroc on Vimeo.

Music featured this week:
Ladyflash – Thunder, Lightning, Strike
Keys To The City – Proof Of Youth
What D’you Say – The Scene Between

And let’s not forget this cycle’s theme, “Musique” from Daft Punk’s “Musique, Vol. 1”.

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