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G Is For Gorillaz


Albarn Hewlett

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This week: THE CURSED EPISODE. Our second attempt at recording our look at Gorillaz, and hit with a bit of technical difficulty. Apologies, of course, but we hope the content is intriguing enough for you to spare us the occasional crack and pop. A quick word: we discuss Damon Albarn’s project called “Gorillaz”, not the fictional band’s bio. Plenty of info though!

Gorillaz’s Homepage

Damon Albarn’s Homepage

Jamie Hewlett’s tumblr

Music featured this week:
“Clint Eastwood” (Gorillaz)
“Stylo” (Plastic Beach)
“Feel Good Inc” (Demon Days)

And of course, “ID” from Kasabian’s self-titled album.

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