R Is For Remy Shand

Remy Shand

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Jumping forward in our Canadian run, we stop off at Winnipeg to talk about a proud addition to the Motown collection, Remy Shand.

Remy World
Remy Shand’s YouTube Channel

Music featured this week:
Rocksteady – The Way I Feel
The Best In Me – The Best In Me single
Take A Message From My Love – The Way I Feel

And that Canadian classic, “Money City Maniacs” from Sloan’s Navy Blues.

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3 thoughts on “R Is For Remy Shand”

  1. Music A to Z
    Your Show: Li’l Arrogant
    Starts Slow, VERY Chatty.
    Stay On Topic, YouTend To Stray..
    Do your Homework
    Be More RESPECTFUL, of The Artist’s
    JMT/ Just My Thoughts.

    Just Tuned in; @YWAIT4IT COOKIE2*
    #RemyShand (Fan) From Baltimore, Md.
    Down w/ REMY Since: 2002 The Beginning.
    Mr. Shand, Gifted Artist, GENIUS.
    His Talents Supreme, I Suggest you RESEARCH “More”
    The Way I Feel ALBUM; Released: 3/12/02 Genius Work.
    I Encourage you to View his (LIVE) PERFORMANCES;
    On Youtube.

    Mr. Shand’s “BACK” Respect It.
    THE U.S. LOVES Remy Shand; Period.
    Visit REMY’S #NewMusic >> https://remyrecords.bandcamp.com/track/son-of-night


    Miss. Cookie.

  2. Hey, Just discovered your aitrcle while surfing and listening to that record. Indeed he just vanished… sad :-(I live in France, worked as a sound technician these years and I remember when he came in Paris, in July 2002. I was still a student, it was during my work experience month. The company I was hired in was a sound reinforcement provider and was specialized in music live shows. We were the only technical partner for the Elyse9e-Montmartre venue (which has burnt since and is definitely closed, too bad) and one evening I was supposed to be there for the show of a “who is that guy again” artist. No one knew him, or his style, I clearly remember we had trouble setting the Mic kit because we had no idea of what he was playing, and the poor setup we received from the manager was not really exhaustive. I tried to find some samples but in 2002 it was not that easy without the Youtube we know now, no Facebook and even Myspace. So we head there, I set the stage and met that guy, very discreet, not talking that much, but once on stage… WOW ! The band was good too. I remember we had trouble with the DI box at the beginning of the show, he called while playing and we went to change it. That was a very good surprise, and I bought his album a few weeks later (once again it took me time because Internet retailers weren’t as “worldwide” as today) and he was not distributed in France at this time, I don’t even know if he is today… is he ?Anyway, that is very sad not to have any news from him, he was a real gifted man, maybe the Motown put him under pressure because he was “a no one” and making shadow for those who were selling then. We’ll probably never know. The only “last souvenir” I have regarding him is hearing “The Way I Feel” on radio while walking in Montreal during a trip there in 2008, and I was with a friend who didn’t knew him, but loved soul music. Know I’m sure she’s still listening to that record.Thanks for the aitrcle, and let’s hope we could one day hear something new from Remy.Regards,L.

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