Our 5 Most Hated Songs


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This week, Steve and Doug are joined by guest cohosts Nathan Ferguson of The Pollinate Show, and their friend Travis Mendgen, to list off their five most hated songs.

Music featured this week:
Wrecking Ball (DJ Detweiler Remix) by Ciley Myrus

And that Canadian classic, “Money City Maniacs” from Sloan’s Navy Blues.

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One thought on “Our 5 Most Hated Songs”

  1. You should watch Bublé’s Christmas specials. They’re pretty funny.

    Bubbly: that would be straight up homophones (toes, nose) or homonyms (nose, knows)

    Nickelback Disco: that sounds like a good theme – failed genre experiments (BTW, Newsboys Love LIberty Disco is a good example of a successful disco experiment)

    Scream and Shout: This version is MUCH better: https://youtu.be/2sr48PsVbS0?t=1m51s

    So What: This version is MUCH better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO9jAfY8fbU&t=2m3s

    My number 1 would probably also be Soulja Boy. And I’d probably also throw in Waving Flag, Turn Down For What, and GDFR.

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