O Is For Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett

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The Canadian run pushes on! This time, Steve and Doug chat about composer/musician Owen Pallett. They also talk a bit about Dungeons And Dragons, and being a geek.

Owen Pallett’s Official Website

Music featured this week:
Lewis Takes Off His Shirt – Heartland
He Poos Clouds – He Poos Clouds
Song For Five & Six – In Conflict

And that Canadian classic, “Money City Maniacs” from Sloan’s Navy Blues.

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One thought on “O Is For Owen Pallett”

  1. Love your description of his music being life-affirming. Couldn’t agree more. I get the best fenileg listening to his stuff. It’s funny, because some of the most uplifting moments are purely musical, not even related to inspirational lyrics.

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