N Is For Newsboys


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Christian rock?? Snore! At least not this band. Steve and Doug explore the colourful and fascinating history of those crazed Aussies.

Newsboys’ Official Website

Music featured this week
Shine – Going Public
Entertaining Angels – Step Up To The Microphone
God’s Not Dead – God’s Not Dead

And of course, ID from Kasabian’s self-titled album.

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One thought on “N Is For Newsboys”

  1. Hey guys,

    I had a bunch of Newsboys on cassette, but now the only Newsboys album I have on CD is Love Liberty Disco. For those who liked the Newsboys pre-shine, this album is sort of throwback. The songs are lighter and more centered around a heavy beat which the Newboys use quite often, especially in the Not Ashamed/Going Public days. If you stuck all the Newsboys songs in one playlist and hit random, none of these songs would really stick out as different. They are still purely Newsboys. I’m with you, Doug!

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