Follow Up Fun And Concerts Too


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This week, Steve and Doug think back to some previous episodes to expand on some thoughts, and then chat about they concerts they went to. Also, some feedback!

Shout out to the ever awesome Canadian classic, Money City Maniacs from Sloan’s album Navy Blues.

Have a suggestion for us? Drop us a line at with a band or artist that you think we should cover!


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One thought on “Follow Up Fun And Concerts Too”

  1. The obvious worst part about concerts is that once you get there, there s nothing to do but stand around in a crowd of people feeling like an idiotic member of a herd of cattle. You have very few activity options. It s too loud for conversation, and you re too debilitatingly self-conscious for dancing. Also, no one wants to dance with you, so what are you gonna do, be one of those weird girls who closes her eyes and puts her hands up and sways by herself like she s really feeling the music ? God no.

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