B Is For Belle And Sebastian


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This week we discuss the ladies from Hell themselves, Belle And Sebastian.  A career spanning a couple decade and…wait, which one is Sebastian?

Belle And Sebastian’s Homepage

Music featured this week:
“White Collar Boy” (The Life Pursuit)
“Electronic Renaissance” (Tiger Milk)
“Seeing Other People” (If You’re Feeling Sinister)

And of course, “ID” from Kasabian’s self-titled album.

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One thought on “B Is For Belle And Sebastian”

  1. Re: B&S’s Tigermilk on vinyl.

    I wonder if it is because the circle they were a part of before their international popularity was the vinyl buying crowd. Maybe they were just catering to their fanbase? Remember that back in the 90s there was still the big analog vs digital controversy (which still exists today but on a much smaller scale because digital is so prevalent these days). It could be that B&S was on the analog side.

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